January 29, 2016

My favorite Vanilla, Chocolate and Cherry Cake { Chocolate Glaze Recipe }

cherry pink_00

I am a classic person and I have to say that my favorite cake flavor is simple #Vanilla and of course, Chocolate. This is vanilla and chocolate cake, plus vanilla frosting, chocolate ganache and chocolate drip glaze. Simple, classic and delicious. I could eat a slice daily. And is there a more beautiful color than Pink?

Chocolate Glaze
75 g Dark Chocolate
45 g Butter

1. In a small saucepan mix both ingredients. Bring pan over medium heat until both ingredients dissolves completely. Let cool and use it at 30 ° C / 86 ° F.  If you don’t have a thermometer, make sure the glaze is at room temperature before using it, in this way the Chocolate will not melt buttercream and you will get a more interesting thickness. Drip it over the center of the cake and take it to the edges using a offset spatula.

cherry pink_01 cherry pink_02 cherry pink_03 cherry pink_04 cherry pink_05 cherry_pink 08 cherry pink_06 cherry pink_07



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