November 16, 2015

Pardo Bear Cake with Edible Paper

A very special moment requires a very special cake. A birthday cake is one of the things I love baking the most. They are all charged with lots of feelings and emotions, and this time I encouraged myself to make this Pardo Bear cake for a Pardo Boy.

I baked a lemon and poppy seeds cake, filled with raspberry buttercream and covered with edible paper.I have to confess it was not easy to cover, but with some patience I did it, and I was so happy at the end of the time.  I found a wonderful DIY by Alana Joneslink here ) . This was the first time I practiced this technique, but I think I got a great result. The bear was not edible but the cake was a success in the celebration.

I used some images I found via Pinterest; unfortunately, I did not save the credit for the person who designed the background, but I promise to get it.

Enjoy!edible pardo cake 01 edible pardo cake 02 edible pardo cake 03 edible pardo cake 04 edible pardo cake 05


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