August 9, 2016

Dark Rainbow cake, 100K on instagram and Saveur Awards Nomination

I can barely believe all what is happening to me now. few hours after I was celebrating my 100K followers on instagram I noticed I was nominated in the Saveur Magazine Blog Awards. If you want to support this blog please follow these steps:


  1. Go to this link.
  2. Look for ” Best Food Blog Photography ” Category and select Historias del Ciervo.
  3. Click on Vote. You can Vote daily until 31th August.

Obviously, we all deserve cake. I share with you this beautiful cake I baked some days ago. Unicorn Vanilla bean cake with Black buttercream! Thanks so much for your support!

dark_rainbow_cake-2487 dark_rainbow_cake-2554 dark_rainbow_cake-2560 dark_rainbow_cake-2565

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