enero 10, 2017

(English) Mini brownies with Chocolate Frosting

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Mini-Brownies { 6 Brownie / Cupcakes }

125 g Salted butter
60 g All-purpose flour
35 g Unsweetened Cocoa powder
1/2 tsp baking powder
200 g White sugar
2 Large egg
1 Egg yolk
1 tsp Pure vanilla extract


1. Preheat oven to 400º F / 200ºC.
2. Grease and flour with cocoa powder one cupcake pan with 6 holes.
3. Melt butter, stir in sugar and vanilla.
4. Add eggs and egg yolk, one at a time, beating well with spoon after each addition.
5. Add cocoa and stir until well blended.
6. Add flour and baking powder, mix well.
7. Pour batter into prepared pan; smooth with the spoon.
8. Bake 20-23 minutes at 350ºF / 175ºC for fluffy cake-style brownies or until a cake tester comes clean when inserted into the center. Be so careful to not over-bake.
9. Cool completely in pan on wire rack.





Super-Simple Chocolate Frosting
Recipe adapted from here.

50 g Unsweetened cocoa powder
60 g Icing sugar, sifted
75 g Heavy cream
75 g Unsalted butter, at room temperature
75 g Icing sugar, sifted
1 tsp vanilla extract



1. Sift and mix first two ingredients of the list into a bowl.
2. Bring the cream to a simmer on the stove or in the microwave, and whisk into the cocoa mixture.
3. At first the mixture will look grainy; continue whisking for a minute. You’ll see the lumps disappear as the sugar dissolves and the cocoa hydrates. Set aside to cool to room temperature.
4. Place the butter and 75 g sifted icing sugar in a large mixing bowl and beat until the mixture is smooth and fluffy. Beat in the vanilla.
5. With the mixer running on low speed, add the cocoa mixture a spoonful at a time until it’s all incorporated. Scrape the bowl, then beat at medium speed for one minute more.





Decorating Cupcakes
1. Add Chocolate frosting into a piping bag adapted with a 1M piping tip.
2. Squeeze the air out of the piping bag. Pipe a swirl on to each cupcake. Start at the centre of the cupcake, squeezing in a spiral motion, creating layers of frosting and working in toward the center.
3. Add some chocolate curls to garnish.





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