January 4, 2016

7 layers pink ombre cake and dark buttercream { Video }

It was quite hard to make this ombre cake. Small cake, only 3 inches pan. All the layers were colored and baked separately. The hard part was coloring the buttercream in black, it was the first time I ever made that. First, I added some drops and I get pale gray, and then more and more and more and it just went to darker gray; finally I added all the can of the food coloring (I used Americolor) and finally I got deep black. The result was good, but is it fine to use a whole can of food coloring for only one 3 inches cake? The buttercream can get bitter and I even think someone could get sick.

I posted the video in my instagram account, and I got some useful tips that I am going to try next time.

1. Using Chocolate buttercream and then adding food coloring. This is a good tip if you want chocolate flavor; but what about if you only want Vanilla flavor?

2. I think this one is the solution; first, I should cover all the cake with the white plain buttercream and reserve few more to color with some drops of black food coloring, let it rest overnight and it will be deep black next day; then adding a small layer of black frosting over the coated cake.

Promise that I will try next time and I will tell you all my results.

Also I had another problem, this cake small but tall, so when I tried to cut a slice it just went down all the cake, it was impossible to take even one photo. It looked so so beautiful from the inside, but it was a totally mess. I need to frozen the cake as much as I can and then slice it. I felt so frustrated that day; but now the video has almost 4000 likes in instagram so I am happy again. Another reason to repeat the cake again, but it is not gonna be pink anymore. What color do you suggest?

ombre cake

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